2Late Tuesday for September 6, 2016

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Where We Are

Friday, September 9: Open mic at A Natural Way in Guilderland. What new wonder will we pull out of our hat? Two or three songs are ready for their baptism of open mic, and we’ll be doing them here.  But this is also your chance to bring your new songs to us.  Sign-up at 5:15.  if you’re there by 6:45, we’ll get you in.  5:30-7:30 PM.

Saturday, September 10: Cafe NOLA in Schenectady.  Come for the best Cajun food in the Capital District, and stay for the best acoustic duo playing at Cafe NOLA on September 10th! Aren’t thrilled with Cajun food?  The Honey-kissed Southern fried chicken is delicious! 6:30 – 9:00 PM.

Thursday, September 22: LT’s Grill in Niskayuna. Our occasional LT’s gig is coming up in September. Plan a lovely night out, enjoy fabulous BBQ and steaks. And hamburgers.  Really, really top-notch hamburgers.  And music.  Really, really top-notch music. 6:30 – 9:00 PM.


Did You Know

Our website gives links to all our venues.  Visit the Calendar page.

What We’re Up To

We went to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake.  We wish it was closer.  The Wild Walk, off the floor of the forest so you can see what’s going on off the ground, was great.  And so was the otter.  And the weather.

Vicki hit lots of fairs.  Well, two.  But two is a lot if you only have two days.  She says the Columbia County fair is really good.

Mike picnicked with friends from lunch time through volleyball in the pool to bocce in the dark.

What We Like

Flying into Chicago, THIS might happen:  Preparing to land.

Continuing the airport theme:  Just a Song Before I Go, by Crosby, Stills and Nash. We do love that the notes say it’s an acoustic concert, and there is Steven Stills with a Telecaster.

We really liked Gloriana when they first appeared, but they didn’t have any staying power.  But they did have this song, which mentions a plane, so of course … Time to Let Me Go. If it sounds familiar, we cover this song. If it doesn’t sound familiar, we cover this song, but not very often.

And now for something completely different, Richard Thompson (on guitar) and Dave Swarbrick (on fiddle) play some Celtic tunes, and then Waltzing for Dreamers, with Richard’s daughter Kami Thompson on backing vocals.

What You Can Do

You can look for our recordings on our web site http://2lateonline.com

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